“I was searching for something, I just didn’t know what I was searching for. It was as if Pilates Plus found me. I just walked in and knew.”

Eden Sassoon, daughter of health and beauty pioneer Vidal Sassoon, has always understood the importance of conscious living. Battling with her weight as a teenager and growing up in the heart of Beverly Hills, Eden struggled with the LA pressures to be perfect. After trying countless workout routines and fad diets, Eden found her home here at Pilates Plus. Right away she noticed a difference in her body. More importantly, she noticed a change within herself.

“There was a certain confidence I have now that I didn’t feel before.”

A pioneer in her own right, Eden cannot express enough how happy she is to bring Beverly Hills this innovative workout. Growing up here, she truly knows what works and what doesn’t, what will be the “in” thing one minute and be “out” the next. But most importantly, she is a living testament that it is possible to own a business, be a full-time mom, and look the best you’ve ever looked.

“I hope, no I know, that when people walk in the Pilates Plus by Eden Sassoon studio, they will get why I am so passionate about it. I believe so much in this. Pilates Plus is not a temporary thing. I wish I could express my gratitude. I have never felt so alive and so strong. I am so happy that I can share this with others.”